Thursday, July 2, 2009

Israel 09 Poem

Elohim has a voice that speaks loud and clear
Penetrating, Devastating, Invigorating all who hear
Not long long ago or far far away
but right here in my heart, right now, today.
Surely I will drown in His Holy Spirit
drop weeping to my knees just to be near it.
Gasping for air, longing for more, crying our Lord Come!
Take my breath, my tears, my life for Your Kingdom.
Use me oh Lord, spend me to the nub
Use me to show the world your mercy and love.
As I rise from my knees, Lord take me please
Through me raise the dead, feed & clothe & heal every disease.
Its what I want, It's what I need, to be yours and yours alone
To lead the lost to your glorious throne.

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