Thursday, July 2, 2009

A love too Deep

To try to put all I have seen and learned down on paper is going to be difficult - impossible. I am still unpacking everything. We saw so much... face to face and from high on a hill overlooking the world carved into 12 Gates. History, todays news, and the Bible all seem to be heading in the same direction. Biblical prophecy is coming alive, being lived out. The news reports scripture and doesn't even know it. How can you describe that? Jokingly (yet for real) I boiled the entire trip down to 2 words = "Come Lord".
- wrote a poem 'bout it -- here it goes: (maybe make a good song)

A Love Too Deep

Last Day in the Land, Abba take me by the hand,
help me make my stand and follow your perfect plan.
Israel is now a part of me, I can't ignore what I plainly see,
prophetic words rain down mixed with tears they flood the ground.
Help me Lord share this glory, these people, this place and your beautiful story.

Help me make them hungry for it, not content to hear and sit.
Lord I don't know what else to do but to tell the travels of me and you.
It's not about the missions or ministry, but the roots of our faith - Your History.
Make them hungry to unveil the mystery.
I want to gather all my friends and come back here again and again,
tell your story from beginning to end.

Lord call your children everywhere, Jew & Gentile & sons of Ismael,
let us dream of Yeshua Messiah and know that He is real.
Help us reach your beloved Israel.
Call us to your feet my Lord and arm us with your Spirit and Sword,
and set us loose unto all mankind to love and honor and help all find......
with the King of Kings forever bind.

As the worlds pulse quickens, our brotherhood in Him does thicken,
and time does not wait for us, we must run towards Him in trust
before our bones return to dust.
Help submit our hearts to you and do what you would have us do,
help us seek and sense and feel ... a love too deep for your chosen Israel.

Come Lord Come

one suggestion: I'd like to offer these words as a new carving for the door to the tomb of our beloved Yeshua to replace "He is not here for He is Risen" "Because He is Risen - He IS Here!"

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Yadi said...

This is the first instance of you that I vividly recall...the first time you touched my heart. I don't believe I had yet met you.