Monday, July 6, 2009

Before I met you

Before I ever met you or saw your beautiful face

Before I knew your background, your home town or your race

I knew your spirit and what was deep inside

I knew it would gush with love, impossible to hide.

I knew you knew the King

and that was good enough for me,

and you'd make my swollen heart sing

and open my soul to better see.

Before I ever met my love I prayed His grace on you.

I prayed His touch upon your heart and everything you do.

I prayed for His favor on you, that He shine through your smile.

I knew you and I knew you not, and that was odd for a long while.

But I clearly saw your heart and what God put in there

and how He healed you from your past, the disappointment and despair.

I saw the bride warrior you were always meant to be

I saw Him clearly guide you, and place you, in front of me.

Before I knew even your name, I knew you were His beloved child

I saw a hint of potential, a glimpse of something wild.

I knew there was a promise of my innermost desire

I knew we'd share the spirit and beauty of Gods Holy fire.

I saw you clearly, blurred yet heart so open and alive

Impossible, without you to do much more than just survive.

I knew you'd be worth the wait, this I new for sure

the hole in my heart and life – you were His blessing cure

and I would be the man God made, with love, precisely just for you

and we would move with Him in us in everything we do.

I knew that He would give me, exactly what you crave

I knew he'd give me power to be wonderful and brave.

so now that we have found each other

no longer just sister and brother

let us move as one in HIM

and our new life, let's now begin.

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