Thursday, November 6, 2008

blessing for babies

Lord Bless Dem Babies

Bless em good Lord!

Right there where they'ra playin. Bless em till their hair stands straight up. Make em laugh out loud Lord.

When they fall from ya, and they will, snatch em back & draw em close to your breast.

Hug on em Lord. Love on em. Protect em from the dark.

Start on em NOW mighty Lord cause they got a long ways to go and a tough row to hoe.

Make their bodies healthy and strong and their minds sharp and bent on You.

Help us teach em right Lord. Teach em to do right by You. To walk along side a ya.

Teach em how to love folks Lord, the way you do.

Teach them to see and treat folks like you do, you know with that powerful - fall to your knees kinda love that makes ya cry it's so good!

Help us teach em better 'n we was taught. To be better 'n us.

Learn em about Your mighty power, Your healings, Your Holy Spirit, and Your grace Lord, don't forget about that. Teach em 'bout Your Boy Lord. What a thing yall did for us - for dem babies.

Lord, if you is still inclined, please bless and love on us some too. Shoot we need ya now more 'n ever. Pour it out in us so we can pour it inta dem babies.

Yes Bless Dem Babies sweet Lord. Thanks and Amen..

this came to me as if it was spoken by an old southern man - audibly, in a deep voice. i heard every word spoken out loud, repeated while i wrote. this happened late Saturday night before I served in Kids Quest Sunday 2-17-07. i am compelled to share it with you all. glenn

Acuna Mission Trip 11-8-2008

Acuna's just another place
to go and serve and see God's face
to stand beside our brothers there
to let em know how much we care

to worship with them side by side
with eyes and ears and hearts pried wide
to face our fears, not duck and hide
to trust in God 'til fears subside

we go to join the Body of Christ
to call His Spirit to Arize
to serve, and pray for Kingdom Come
to work for God til the day is done

to swing a hammer, to mend a heart
to make a clearing for God to start
the thing He's wanted all along
to fill our hearts with love and song

to build a house, or two or three
it matters not that much to me
whatever He may have us do
lets us do it - me and you

side by side we go with love
not just ours, but from above
with our brothers we'll take our stand
and seek our Lord, hand in hand

No matter where on earth you live
it honors God to go and give
He'll pour His spirit down line rain
our wet souls - never the same

So lend your heart to Mexico
We take your support as we go
To build His Kingdom and light the way
for Christ to come and in us stay.