Thursday, January 22, 2009



it's just a little flower pot filled with sand & stones
yet it holds my very pulse my inner core my bones.
six small stones in a bed of white sand
deep and rich in meaning yet smaller than my hand.
the red marbled stone set in the center is the heart of my Father
reminding me just how much He loves His sons and daughters
at the center of my being
is the heart of my King.
the second stone is small and black and odd
it's the small rock of great faith in our father God.
the unshakable unwaivering faith that God can do all things
and we His children consider it an honor to serve this king of kings.
the third is white and round and looks like a stone ball
it's the fire starter spirit spreader - it's my love for God & yall.
the fourth stone is gray and brown to remind me to pray
to love & see us all as God does day after day.
every single one of us is special in His sight
we are all His holy body and together we will fight.
the fifth stone is my rock of peace, what else can i say
sweet peace of God right now and every blessed day
the last stone number six is the hardest one for me
it's the stone of discipline & self control you see
it's being daily in His word and Spirit, floating in His river
being missional compassionate a lover and a giver
its just a little dish of sand and six smooth & tiny stones
but it holds the key to my inner being my core my very bones

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Yadi said...

The sixth stone is definitely the toughest for me too...tied in with developing a steadfast heart....good thing we don't have to do it on our own...our Friend, the Holy Spirit is hard at work! "You will keep in perfect peace him whose mind is steadfast, because he trusts in you" Is. 26:4