Thursday, July 2, 2009

The Watchtower - Israel 09

The Watchtower

In Israel there is a place
where they come to seek His face
and pray for their part of the world
and into the Holy Fire they are hurled

They intercede for all the nations
praying over them the 5th of Galatians
The watchtower watches for God - with Him!
They wait for the Son of Elohim

The world sliced like a pie
the tower in the sky
watching for the people to turn
ready to save - ready to burn

The watchmen pray every day
for the world to wake up and say
be gone evil one
hearts prepare for the Son

Yeshua is on his way right now
hearts ablaze as all heads bow
make a way for the coming King
weep & pray, repent & sing.

Looking over Israel's Holy Land
watchmen wait and firmly stand
they call the spirit, they watch & pray
not for tomorrow but for today.

From every nation tribe and tongue
we watch & pray for the coming Son
the watchers on the tower
praying hour after hour
for all the peoples of this land
for the lost of this desert sand

for MY country, for YOUR country, that everyone should know
the Lord is coming back and soon - it's almost time to go
So come and take a turn and watch the glory of Addonai
and stand with me for Israel - the apple of God's eye.

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