Monday, July 6, 2009

Before I met you

Before I ever met you or saw your beautiful face

Before I knew your background, your home town or your race

I knew your spirit and what was deep inside

I knew it would gush with love, impossible to hide.

I knew you knew the King

and that was good enough for me,

and you'd make my swollen heart sing

and open my soul to better see.

Before I ever met my love I prayed His grace on you.

I prayed His touch upon your heart and everything you do.

I prayed for His favor on you, that He shine through your smile.

I knew you and I knew you not, and that was odd for a long while.

But I clearly saw your heart and what God put in there

and how He healed you from your past, the disappointment and despair.

I saw the bride warrior you were always meant to be

I saw Him clearly guide you, and place you, in front of me.

Before I knew even your name, I knew you were His beloved child

I saw a hint of potential, a glimpse of something wild.

I knew there was a promise of my innermost desire

I knew we'd share the spirit and beauty of Gods Holy fire.

I saw you clearly, blurred yet heart so open and alive

Impossible, without you to do much more than just survive.

I knew you'd be worth the wait, this I new for sure

the hole in my heart and life – you were His blessing cure

and I would be the man God made, with love, precisely just for you

and we would move with Him in us in everything we do.

I knew that He would give me, exactly what you crave

I knew he'd give me power to be wonderful and brave.

so now that we have found each other

no longer just sister and brother

let us move as one in HIM

and our new life, let's now begin.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Last day of 09 Israel trip, up on the roof with God

Hey guys. the last day in Israel, early in the morning, i was on the roof asking to hear from God. I asked him to give me a scripture to help me with this trip. He gave me 1 Kings 2:2. It was a beautiful 'listening prayer' moment for me with Abba, his voice was so clear I doubted it for a moment -- "which verse I asked, which book?" his reply came with new clarity and confidence. I raced to the verse, to see if there would actually be meaning for me:

2 “I am going where everyone on earth must someday go. Take courage and be a man. 3 Observe the requirements of the LORD your God, and follow all his ways. Keep the decrees, commands, regulations, and laws written in the Law of Moses so that you will be successful in all you do and wherever you go. 4 If you do this, then the LORD will keep the promise he made to me. He told me, ‘If your descendants live as they should and follow me faithfully with all their heart and soul, one of them will always sit on the throne of Israel.’

A love too Deep

To try to put all I have seen and learned down on paper is going to be difficult - impossible. I am still unpacking everything. We saw so much... face to face and from high on a hill overlooking the world carved into 12 Gates. History, todays news, and the Bible all seem to be heading in the same direction. Biblical prophecy is coming alive, being lived out. The news reports scripture and doesn't even know it. How can you describe that? Jokingly (yet for real) I boiled the entire trip down to 2 words = "Come Lord".
- wrote a poem 'bout it -- here it goes: (maybe make a good song)

A Love Too Deep

Last Day in the Land, Abba take me by the hand,
help me make my stand and follow your perfect plan.
Israel is now a part of me, I can't ignore what I plainly see,
prophetic words rain down mixed with tears they flood the ground.
Help me Lord share this glory, these people, this place and your beautiful story.

Help me make them hungry for it, not content to hear and sit.
Lord I don't know what else to do but to tell the travels of me and you.
It's not about the missions or ministry, but the roots of our faith - Your History.
Make them hungry to unveil the mystery.
I want to gather all my friends and come back here again and again,
tell your story from beginning to end.

Lord call your children everywhere, Jew & Gentile & sons of Ismael,
let us dream of Yeshua Messiah and know that He is real.
Help us reach your beloved Israel.
Call us to your feet my Lord and arm us with your Spirit and Sword,
and set us loose unto all mankind to love and honor and help all find......
with the King of Kings forever bind.

As the worlds pulse quickens, our brotherhood in Him does thicken,
and time does not wait for us, we must run towards Him in trust
before our bones return to dust.
Help submit our hearts to you and do what you would have us do,
help us seek and sense and feel ... a love too deep for your chosen Israel.

Come Lord Come

one suggestion: I'd like to offer these words as a new carving for the door to the tomb of our beloved Yeshua to replace "He is not here for He is Risen" "Because He is Risen - He IS Here!"

The Watchtower - Israel 09

The Watchtower

In Israel there is a place
where they come to seek His face
and pray for their part of the world
and into the Holy Fire they are hurled

They intercede for all the nations
praying over them the 5th of Galatians
The watchtower watches for God - with Him!
They wait for the Son of Elohim

The world sliced like a pie
the tower in the sky
watching for the people to turn
ready to save - ready to burn

The watchmen pray every day
for the world to wake up and say
be gone evil one
hearts prepare for the Son

Yeshua is on his way right now
hearts ablaze as all heads bow
make a way for the coming King
weep & pray, repent & sing.

Looking over Israel's Holy Land
watchmen wait and firmly stand
they call the spirit, they watch & pray
not for tomorrow but for today.

From every nation tribe and tongue
we watch & pray for the coming Son
the watchers on the tower
praying hour after hour
for all the peoples of this land
for the lost of this desert sand

for MY country, for YOUR country, that everyone should know
the Lord is coming back and soon - it's almost time to go
So come and take a turn and watch the glory of Addonai
and stand with me for Israel - the apple of God's eye.

Israel 09 Poem

Elohim has a voice that speaks loud and clear
Penetrating, Devastating, Invigorating all who hear
Not long long ago or far far away
but right here in my heart, right now, today.
Surely I will drown in His Holy Spirit
drop weeping to my knees just to be near it.
Gasping for air, longing for more, crying our Lord Come!
Take my breath, my tears, my life for Your Kingdom.
Use me oh Lord, spend me to the nub
Use me to show the world your mercy and love.
As I rise from my knees, Lord take me please
Through me raise the dead, feed & clothe & heal every disease.
Its what I want, It's what I need, to be yours and yours alone
To lead the lost to your glorious throne.

Thursday, January 22, 2009



it's just a little flower pot filled with sand & stones
yet it holds my very pulse my inner core my bones.
six small stones in a bed of white sand
deep and rich in meaning yet smaller than my hand.
the red marbled stone set in the center is the heart of my Father
reminding me just how much He loves His sons and daughters
at the center of my being
is the heart of my King.
the second stone is small and black and odd
it's the small rock of great faith in our father God.
the unshakable unwaivering faith that God can do all things
and we His children consider it an honor to serve this king of kings.
the third is white and round and looks like a stone ball
it's the fire starter spirit spreader - it's my love for God & yall.
the fourth stone is gray and brown to remind me to pray
to love & see us all as God does day after day.
every single one of us is special in His sight
we are all His holy body and together we will fight.
the fifth stone is my rock of peace, what else can i say
sweet peace of God right now and every blessed day
the last stone number six is the hardest one for me
it's the stone of discipline & self control you see
it's being daily in His word and Spirit, floating in His river
being missional compassionate a lover and a giver
its just a little dish of sand and six smooth & tiny stones
but it holds the key to my inner being my core my very bones

a Saviors letter

remember Morph, the Prayer Maze, i found my old notes, there was this one stop on the maze where we were guided to read Psalm 23 and pray to hear from God and journal it, following is what i wrote - oddly - rereading for the first time since the night I wrote it, it looks like a letter from Jesus. this is weird, hold on. yall i don't know what else to do with this but share it with someone so i picked you. tell me honestly if you think i'm losin it.

(i feel some of this is for you)

Be at peace my son, everything is prepared and ready and perfect. You do not have to fight or struggle, I have done it for you. This is not your fight, it is mine and I have already won. Sit with me, laugh with me, let me use you.

Struggle no more, be still and quiet. keep your heart open and your eyes on me. Love All - Always. Be bold, but humble. I will give you what you need when you need it. You lack nothing!

Don't worry too much about friends and family, am I not big enough to love them too? Press into the lost - raise the dead - breath life into the dry bones. Be light and salt, I will show myself in you.

I will show my power in your weakness. I will share my love with your heart, hands & tongue. I will plant gardens with your hands and water them with your sweat and tears.

Be willing, humble, gentle.
Go where I am, when I am not there - bring me.
Move mountains for me!

Pray and teach others what I have taught you. Heal in my name. Encourage in my name. Make disciples everywhere you go - for me! Teach, sew, nurture and reap the fruits of my spirit. Watch for the fruit - watch for miracles, they are everywhere.

Pray but ACT! Pray but Celebrate. Pray for righteousness. Keep me with you every minute of every day.
Look for my coming.